The W9RCA Repeater

The RCA Amateur Radio Club operates the open repeater on 146.28/88 MHz. The repeater is also an EchoLink node (6522). The transmitter is located on the west side of Indianapolis near 10th St. and I-465.

The repeater is often in subaudible tone access which is known as "Private Line" (PL) or "Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System" (CTCSS). It is required that an 88.5 Hz subaudible tone be encoded on your transmitted signal to use the repeater.

When your tone encode is turned on (your radio is transmitting a subaudible tone), the repeater receiving system gives your signal priority over other signals, such as DX stations working other '88' repeaters, which may be entering the receivers at the same time.

The repeater also transmits the 88.5 Hz tone if you wish to use the 'decode' function on your radio to block out distant repeaters operating on 146.88 Mhz.

 In the carrier access mode, any signal on the input frequency will bring up the machine. In times of band openings, or interference on the frequency, the machine may be put into touch tone or sub-audible tone access.

 If the repeater is in touch tone mode, you must hit '88' on your touch tone pad to get the repeater to respond. Once the repeater is 'UP', it will continue to operate in the normal mode until the carrier has been off for several seconds. Then it will again require the '88' digits to re-activate it. REMEMBER - If the repeater doesn't respond, press '88' on your touch tone pad.

The repeater time-out is about 3 minutes. The timer is reset at the end of the tail beep, which occurs 0.25 seconds after the input signal drops.


REMEMBER - FCC regulations, Section 97.113, prohibit any communications which result in financial benefit to YOU OR YOUR EMPLOYER. Repeater use is a privilege to be enjoyed and used to help ourselves. Anyone found violating FCC rules or the known policies of the repeater will be asked not to use the repeater. We appreciate your inputs. If you feel someone is using the repeater inappropriately, the repeater trustee will investigate and take action if required. Please email with details of the problem and information on how we should contact you for more information. Thanks!


W9RCA EchoLink Information

EchoLink is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) program that allows hams to connect with other hams in other parts of the country or the world using the Internet to reach the distant amateur's computer, repeater, or simplex link. EchoLink information is avaliable from many places on the web including A list of all currently active EchoLink Stations and Node Numbers is available from


First, check to see if the EchoLink is operational and if it might already be connected. Key your transmitter, give your call sign, and enter DTMF digits 08 (88.5Hz CTCSS tone may be required). If the EchoLink is operational the response will be either "NOT CONNECTED" or "CONNECTED TO XXXXX" where XXXXX is the call sign of the connected station.

 If EchoLink is already connected, the connected station should hear any transmission you make. Announce your presence - "W9XXX listening via EchoLink, Over."

 If EchoLink is NOT CONNECTED, your choice would be to connect to a station using it's node number or key in one of the codes in the table below to play one of the information messages.  Node numbers for all stations currently connected to the Echolink system can be seen at .

 EchoLink will respond with one of the following messages: "CONNECTING TO XXXXX" or you may get the response "XXXXX NOT FOUND."

 If you got the "CONNECTING TO...." message, wait until you hear "CONNECTED TO XXXXX" and then give a short call. If you got the "NOT FOUND" the station is not currently logged into the EchoLink server.

 On occasion the connection is actually made but not announced. If you get "CONNECTING TO XXXXX" followed by silence, enter DTMF digits 08 to get the status of the connection.

 If you successfully connected to a station, when you are finished with your QSO, key in the DTMF 73 to disconnect.


W9RCA EchoLink DTMF Control Codes:*

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